About Library

About Pavendhar Library

The CICT Pavendhar Library is a reference service unit, affiliated to Central Institute of Classical Tamil. It functions as a base learning resource centre for the Institute, which comprises robust collections of print materials as well as electronic resources. It presently holds over 47,450 Tamil books which include 4800 rare classical Tamil books, 2200 e-books and other e-resources. 716 theses and a number of CDs containing digital versions of palm-leaf manuscripts relating to Sangam classics. This Library has a rich collection of videos and audio-visual materials relating to classical Tamil. It also manages institutional repositories such as e-papers,and publications and documents etc. of the Institute.

Vision :

To create a digital library for classical Tamil that will preserve,foster and disseminate knowledge and understanding of classical Tamil in its varied manifestations.

Mission :

To deliver a world class library along with the digital library system that is convenient, accessible and useful for research in classical Tamil literature and language and allied domains as well as their teaching online. 


The CICT Pavendhar Library has, over a period of 15 years, acquired reference materials, special information resources ( such as current contemporary publications, rare books, e-books, manuscripts, journals and periodicals, theses and dissertations ) relating to classical Tamil and allied areas. The library collection comprises print, non-print and e-resources. The collections of Tamil classics are classified into texts, commentaries, translations and criticism.

Library working hours:

The Library is open from Monday through Friday between 9.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m.. It remains closed on Saturdays and Sundays & government holidays.

Library Building:
Pāvēntar Library , Chennai.
Library holdings
Sr.No. Particulars Total No. of Books/periodicals
1 Books(Print form) 47,450
2 Theses, Dissertations & Project Reports 721
3 Non-book materials / E-Resources 3923
4 Journal back volumes 1496
Library Classification :

The 41 texts of Tamil classics and subjects ranging from generalities to history are classified and arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) for easy and quick retrieval.

Bar-coding of Library holdings:

The bibiliographical databases of all classes of books numbering 34,500 are linked with barcodes.

Facilities in the Library:
  • Research cubicles
  • Centralized air-conditioning
  • The Internet facility to all library users
  • Reprography, scanning & printing facilities
  • OPAC service
  • Access facility for digitized books / manuscripts of classical Tamil