Library Rules & Regulations

General Library Rules

Common Rules:

  • Please deposite your personal belongings at the baggage counter.
  • Before entering the library, please write your name and put your signature in the register kept at the entrance counter
  • Please do not bring textbooks and other printed materials as also books alread issued inside the library.
  • We request that complete silence be observerd in the library.
  • Mobile phones and audio instruments with or without speaker or headphone are strictly prohibited in the library premises.
  • Eatables are not allowed in the library premises.

Reference Section:

  • This section has Encyclopedia, dictionaries, Reference books & handbooks etc. which are only available for reference.
  • User can make use of these resources in library only.

Journal Section:

  • In this section journals & general magazines are arranged department wise on the display racks.
  • Previous issues are arranged in the drawer.
  • Bound volumes of periodicals are arranged in racks which are meant only for reference within the library.