Rare Books

Our Library has a large collection of rare books published since the advent of printing technology. The library also preserves a large collection of classical Tamil documents in the form of palm-leaf and paper manuscripts. Steps are being taken to digitize such rare Tamil works. Among the thousands of classical Tamil books, the Institute has digitized a select few the facsimile copies of which are shown below:


இலக்கணம் / Ilakkaṇam

எட்டுத்தொகை / Eṭṭuttokai

பத்துப்பாட்டு / Pattuppāṭṭu

பதினெண்கீழ்க்கணக்கு / Patiṉeṇkīḻkkaṇakku

பாவேந்தர் நூலகம்

ஏலாதி / ēlāti

பதிவிறக்க .

காப்பியம் / Kāppiyam

முத்தொள்ளாயிரம் / muttoḷḷāyiram